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Historic Depot


  1. Amphitheater
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. Stage
  4. Water Fountain
The Historic Depot located in Downtown Burlington serves as a beautiful location for rental opportunities. From weddings to family gatherings and outdoor concerts, this facility offers the wonderful location for an small indoor or large outdoor gathering.   The facility features a large meeting room with murals which depict the history of Burlington from 1893 - 1993. The meeting room will comfortably seat 20-25 guests for a sit down meal or a stand-up reception. A large amphitheater is also located outside of the Depot with a quaint water fountain and stage area. The perfect location for a wedding. The amphitheater seats 200 visitors and is surrounded by a brick courtyard. 

Outdoor concerts are held at the Depot during the spring and summer months and are free to the public. Each concert begins at 7pm.  

Rentals are available on an annual basis. For fees, amenities, and scheduling information, please call (336) 222-5001.