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City Park


  1. Amphitheater
  2. Amusement Rides
  3. Baseball / Softball
  4. Gazebo
  5. Greenway
  6. Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  7. Parking
  8. Playground
  9. Shelter

Burlington City Park features year-around aquatics center, tennis center with 12 lighted courts, five softball fields, walking tracks, greenway system an amusement rides for children. Burlington’s restored 1910 Dentzel Menagerie Carousel is the centerpiece of the 76 acre City Park. The carousel was built by the Dentzel Carousel Company, and has 46 hand-carved animals, three to a row. There are only 14 Dentzel Menagerie Carousels remaining intact in the world. The Dentzel carvers were famous for their realism and attention to detail, which is evident by the facial expressions and muscle definition. The horses have real horse-hair tails and all the animals have shiny, round glass eyes. No two animals are alike.

Other Information:
Host Annual Events : Yes
Annual Event Listing : Sunset Ryhthms Concert series held annually May-August.
Burlington Carousel Festival held annually in September.
Christmas in the Park held annually in December.
Tennis and Softball tournaments held year-round.
Directions : Exit 143 off I-85/40, go north on Alamance Road, turn right onto Church Street.
Hours : Amusement Area
March-May: Weekends Only
Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday: 1-7pm

June, July, August:
Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-1pm & 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm & 5pm-9pm;  Saturday: 10am-9pm; Sunday: 1-7pm;

September-October Weekends Only:
Saturday: 10am-8pm; Sunday: 1pm-7pm


  1. Ball Field #1

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  2. Ball Field #2

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  3. Ball Field #3

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  4. Ball Field #4

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  5. Ball Field #5 and Walking Track

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