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Pet Information Form For Volunteers

  1. Please tell us any observations you've made about the pet and your experience while spending time with them.

  2. What is the pet like? Is he or she sweet and affectionate? Or loves to play and run? Is he or she calm? etc.

  3. Is the pet housetrained, or still working on it? Is he or she calm or easily excitable?

  4. Please tell us about any special commands the pet knows. For example, "sit", "down", "give paw", "sit-up", "heel", etc.  If a dog, how does he or she do on a leash? Is there anything additional about the pet's behavior you would like for us to know?

  5. Please tell us anything additional you feel would be important for a potential adopter to know about this pet, or if you have any specific recommendations about the home/family/ environment you feel the pet would do best in. (I.e. an active home, quiet home, no small children, other pets etc) 

  6. Please attach photos or videos of your foster pet so we can share all their adorableness on social media and our website! If you are unable to attach them here, you may also email photos to

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