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Belong in Burlington

  1. Belong in Burlington Evaluation

    So, you participated in a Belong in Burlington session. We need your feedback so we can continue to improve the program.

  2. Belong in Burlington RSVP

    Please let us know to expect you at Belong in Burlington.

  3. Belong In Burlington Staff Evaluation

    Thank you for representing your organization at Belong in Burlington. Tell us how we can make the event even better!

  4. RSVP Belong in Burlington Exlusive Event: History Night at the Paramount

    The history of a place explains a lot about its present. Learn about Burlington's history through an interactive presentation given by... More…

  5. Youth Solutions Forums RSVP

    The community is invited to participate in a solutions-oriented facilitated discussion regarding youth violence, the circumstances... More…

  1. Belong in Burlington RSVP

    Please let us know to expect you at Belong in Burlington.

  2. Belong In Burlington Sponsorship Application

    The City of Burlington is seeking sponsorships for the Belong in Burlington program held quarterly. These businesses must be locally... More…

  3. RSVP Belong in Burlington Exlusive Event: Hike
  4. RSVP Belong in Burlington Exlusive Event: Night out at the Royals

    Enjoy an evening watching Burlington's minor league baseball team, the Royals.

BPD Open House RSVP

  1. BPD Employment Info Session

    Please let us know to expect you at an Employment Information Session.

  1. BPD Open House RSVP

    Please let us know to expect you at the BPD Open House.

BPD Strategic Planning

  1. Strategic Planning Community Meetings

    The Burlington Police Department would like to invite you to become a Burlington Police Community Partner and provide valuable... More…


  1. Driveway Construction Permit Application

    Permission to work on street right-of-way granted by this instrument is for construction meeting regulations administered by City... More…

  1. System Development Fee Feedback


  1. Alarm Registration

    Burlington's City Ordinance, Chapter 3.5 entitled "Alarm Control Ordinance," requires any person, firm or corporation who installs,... More…

HR Forms

  1. Employee Development Program Registration

    Register for City of Burlington Employee Development Program courses.

Link Customer Comment Form

  1. Link Customer Comment Form

    Use this form to submit comments regarding bus stops, routes, service and for compliments and complaints. Get a paper copy by visiting... More…

Misc Forms

  1. Western Electric Information

    The City of Burlington has been selected by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to receive a 2018 Sustainable Design Assistance... More…

Police Report Request

  1. Police Feedback Form

    Use this form to submit feedback regarding the Burlington Police Department

  1. Police Reports Request

    An electronic service in addition to the tele-serv service of the Records Division. Please complete the form by checking which service... More…

Safety Forms

  1. Employee's Statement Accident/Incident Report

    To be completed by the employee. Please answer all questions completely. Please also complete this form for "near-hit" incidents.

Willowbrook Feedback Form

  1. Willowbrook Feedback Form
  1. Willowbrook Info

    Subscribe to receive updates regarding Burlington Arboretum at Willowbrook Park progress.