What does the City do to prepare for winter weather?

When snow is in the forecast, crews apply a salt brine solution to major thoroughfares 48 to 72 hours in advance of predicted precipitation. The brine helps prevent snow from sticking to the pavement and makes plowing and additional salting more effective.

The Police Department, Fire Department, and road crews check vehicles and equipment and put emergency staff on stand-by notice in case they are needed.

The City begins sharing weather-related closings or service modifications via social media using #AlamanceSnow and via our website at www.BurlingtonNC.gov/WinterWX.

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1. What does the City do to prepare for winter weather?
2. How does the City determine which streets are cleared first?
3. What equipment does the City of Burlington have for snow removal?
4. What about the snow pile the City trucks leave at the end of my driveway?
5. Will the City scrape sidewalks?
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7. A snowplow hit my mailbox, now what?
8. I live on a cul-de-sace and I haven't been plowed out yet. Why not?