Recreation & Parks


1333 Overbrook Road
Burlington, NC 27215

P.O. Box 1358
Burlington, NC 27216



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Laws, Tony Director of Recreation & Parks 336-222-5034  
Ruffin-Alston, Bobbi Recreation Superintendent 336-222-5085  
Gural, Casey Parks Superintendent 336-222-5089  
Podolle, Leah Youth Programming Supervisor 336-229-3150  
Echeverria, Sean Supervisor of Special Events 336-229-3149  
Brown, Caitlin Assistant Supervisor of Special Events 336-513-5469  
Hicks, Billy Assistant Maintenance Supervisor 336-222-5030  
Hoose, Melissa Supervisor of Outdoor Programming 336-222-5096  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hicks, Jessica Adult Athletics Supervisor 336-229-3151  
Geiger, Mark Youth Athletics Supervisor 336-513-5470  
Scott, Randy Tennis Director 336-229-3155  
Gillette, Andrew Assistant Tennis Coach 336-229-3155  
Palmer, Todd Assistant Tennis Coach 336-229-3155  
Thompson, Zack Athletic Maintenance Supervisor 336-222-5030  
Johnson, Mike Assistant Athletic Maintenance Supervisor 336-222-5030  
Barnhill, Jason Arboretum Manager 336-222-5098  
Strange, Matt Assistant Arboretum Manager 336-222-5098  
Long, Mike Golf Course Manager / PGA Pro 336-584-7871  
Ireland, Fred Assistant Golf Course Manager 336-584-7871  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Karlson, Samantha Aquatics Director 336-222-5043  
Nicholson, Anne Assistant Aquatic Director 336-222-5043  

Community Centers 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Shoffner, Beverly (Zip) Recreation Center Supervisor - Fairchild 336-222-5119  
Cash, Zion Recreation Center Supervisor - North Park 336-222-5138  
Bradsher, Brittany Senior Center Director & Sup. of Specialized Rec. 336-222-5072  
Massey, Maggie Thataways Youth Center Director 336-222-5134  
Hill, Liz Green Leaves Director    

Lakes and Marinas 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Pennington, Wes Guilford Mackintosh Lake Manager 336-449-2078  
Askew, Ritchie Assistant Guildford Mackintosh Lake Manager 336-449-2078  
Thompson, Kyle Lake Mackintosh Manager 336-421-3872  
Self, Jim Lake Cammack Manager 336-421-3872  
Crawford, Brian Assistant Lake Manager - Cammack & Mackintosh    

Paramount Theater & Events Center 

128 E. Front Street
Burlington, NC 27215

Burlington, NC 27215


Link: Paramount Website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kerchner, Eric Paramount Theater & Events Center Director 336-222-5001