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The Paramount Acting Company, the City of Burlington’s community theater, announces auditions for the Jethro Compton drama, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, April 27 and 28 at The Paramount Theater, 128 E. Front St in downtown Burlington. Sign-in begins at 6:00. Auditions begin promptly at 7:00.

The play, adapted from the original short story of the same name, will be performed June 25-28 at The Paramount. (Please see below for special information on the adaptation.) 

Candidates will read from the script. No monologues necessary. Candidates are required to bring all known conflicts between May 3 and June 20. No conflicts allowed June 21. Perusal scripts are available.

SEEKING, 6 men and 1 woman, plus male and female chorus/support actors, capable of performing in the following dramatic roles:

Ransome Foster--M; 35-40; a New Yorker, headed West to “find himself”; well-read and well-spoken; stubborn and sometimes arrogant, but always well-meaning

Hallie Jackson—F; 25-35; local saloon owner; a strong-minded and rough-talking young woman; underneath the rustic exterior is a beautiful and caring individual

Bert Barricune—M; 40-50; a true gunslinger; worn and battered looking, he is clearly handsome; speaks only when he must; in love with Hallie

Jim “The Reverend” Mosten—M; 25-40; African American; a laborer at Hallie’s saloon; kind, enthusiastic, full of energy; has an amazing ability to repeat things he has heard verbatim

Liberty Valance—M; 35-50; beneath a veneer of a Southern gentleman, a psychopathic murderer; terrifyingly unpredictable; moves in an almost serpentine way

Marshall Johnson—M; 50-60; the “law” in town; a coward

Jake Dowitt—M; 25-30; enthusiastic newspaper reporter for local paper

Liberty’s gang, Mourners, Deputy, Students, doubled or tripled. Singing is required.

Rehearsals begin May 3 at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, 320 E. Davis St. in downtown Burlington.

The play contains strong language, gunfire and potentially disturbing incidents.

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: This play, the best I have read in ten years, is a faithful adaptation of the 1953 Dorothy Johnson short story of the same name. It is significantly different from the 1962 John Ford movie, starring John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Lee Marvin. The theme is the same, but the movie greatly expanded the story, adding new characters, changing names and locations, adding additional subplots, etc. Some of the plot points are drastically different. Be aware that this is powerful, taut script, performed in a single location, requiring strong dramatic performances from all involved.

For further information, contact David Wright at 336.222.5001, 336.516.6710 or

The Paramount Acting Company

Producing great theater since 1998!