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The explorers club

The Paramount Acting Company, the City of Burlington/Department of Recreation and Parks’ community theater, announces auditions for the Nell Benjamin comedy, THE EXPLORERS CLUB. They will be held at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter, 320 Broad St. in Burlington, Monday and Tuesday, April 29 & 30. Sign-in begins at 6:00PM, with auditions beginning promptly at 7:00PM. Call backs, if necessary, will be Wednesday night, May 1, at the Church at 7:00PM.

SEEKING: eight males and one female (with some doubling), with excellent comedic skills and timing, capable of portraying the following characters. (Descriptions by author.)

LUCIUS FRETWAY—male--late 20s to late 30s; attractive; a botanist and man of science; physical comedy involved

PHYLLIDA SPOTTE-HUME—female—late 20s to early 30s; attractive; a fearless anthropologist; a woman ahead of her time; doubles as her own sister (below)

HARRY PERCY—male—early 30’s to early 40s—dashing, intrepid, self-absorbed explorer

LUIGI—male—early to late 20s—a NaKong tribesman; speaks an original language; must possess physical comedy skills; appears bare-chested in much of play and painted blue throughout

PROFESSOR COPE—male--early 30s to early 50s; a herpetologist; his pet cobra is named Rosie

PROFESSOR WALLING—male--early 30s to early 50s; a zoologist; his pet guinea pig is named Jane

PROFESSOR SLOANE—male--early 60s to early 70s—an aging, misogynistic, and slightly batty cleric; an archeo-theologian

SIR BERNARD HUMPHRIES—male--late 50s to early 60s; private secretary to Queen Victoria; officious, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer

BEEBE—late 30s to early 50s—a former explorer, now murderous Buddhist monk. (Doubles at Irish Assassin.)

COUNTESS GLAMORGAN—twin to Phyllida, played by same actress as Phyllida.

NOTE: All except Luigi must have convincing British accents.

Rehearsals, held from 7-10PM, begin May 6 at the auditorium of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter.  Show dates are June 27-30.

About The Explorers Club…

It’s 1889. The venerable Explorers Club of London is facing three crises: The new National Geographic Society in outstripping them in discoveries and expeditions; a woman is seeking membership in the Club; and they have the worst bartender in London. The club’s membership includes an explorer who claims to have discovered “the East Pole”. Another member claims the ten “Lost Tribes of Israel” actually settled in Ireland. There are a half-dozen Explorers, all equally “unique” men of science. Trouble ensues when the female explorer introduces a native of the supposedly mythical city of Pahatlabong, whom she calls Luigi, and prepares to present him to Queen Victoria. The royal audience goes terribly awry, forcing her and Luigi to retreat to the Club. The Club is soon surrounded by British troops, hundreds of rioting Irishmen, and a band of murderous Buddhist monks. For a while, the only saving grace is that Luigi turns out to be a fairly good bartender.

The New York critics called the Manhattan Theater Club’s, Off-Broadway premiere “wildly funny”, “madcap”, “seriously demented”, “outrageous and contagious”, and “breathlessly silly.” Think “Monty Python-meets-Downton Abbey-meets-Benny Hill-meets-George Bernard Shaw.”

Perusal scripts and tentative rehearsal scripts are available.

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