Our Mission

The mission of the Burlington Fire Department is to maximize the preservation of life and property for our community.  Our mission is accomplished through efficient emergency response, fire prevention, and public education. 

Burlington Fire Department members are thus guided by the following principles:

  • People are our most valuable resource. We practice and promote teamwork.
  • We continuously seek staff involvement and strive to create a positive and progressive environment.
  • All activities are conducted with a high importance on safety.
  • We are fully accountable to those that we serve.
  • Pride, dedication, the pursuit of excellence, and commitment to public service are all of paramount importance.
  • Compassion, fairness, and integrity are practiced in all of our endeavors.
  • Through active leadership, we shall promote the use of quality principles, concepts, and technologies.
  • Our value to the community is measured in the type and quality of the services that we provide.
  • Taking great pride in providing service is not a concept - it is a reality.


  • Integrity - Respect and consistency of our actions, values, and expectations that impact the community.
  • Commitment - Self-discipline with the pursuit of excellence in our mission.
  • Pride - Our personal devotion to distinction through public service.