Internal Affairs

The Burlington Police Department conducts thorough investigations into all allegations of police misconduct. Officers and employees are held to the highest standard of professional conduct. Responsibility for documentation and analysis of internal investigations lies with Support Bureau's Assistant Chief.

If you have a complaint about the chief of police, please contact the City Manager at 336-222-5023. 

Internal Affairs Dispositions

Cases brought against officers or staff will be categorized as one of four dispositions:
  1. Sustained: Sufficient evidence and facts are present demonstrating the alleged behavior occurred and the employee is responsible
  2. Not sustained: The evidence and facts are inconclusive and no determination can be made regarding the alleged behavior.
  3. Unfounded: The evidence and facts are present demonstrating the allegations is false or the conduct did not occur.
  4. Exonerated: The evidence and facts are present demonstrating the alleged behavior did occur, however, that conduct is either justified and/or within departmental policy and training. A second possibility occurs when the investigation reveals the alleged officer was not present, and the facts conclusively show he/she was not involved.  

Annual statistics for internal investigations

2022: 8 internal investigations were conducted - with 13  allegations (some having multiple officers and allegations) - 9 sustained, 4 exonerated
2021: 6 internal investigation were conducted - with some having multiple officers involved, with ten total allegations - 7 sustained, 1 not sustained, 1 exonerated (actions justified)
2020: 3 internal investigations were conducted - 3 cases were sustained