The Burlington Police Department is in the process of adopting a new service to take Crimestoppers reports. The Crimestoppers' phone number will still be active, so reporters can still call (336) 229-7100 to report criminal activity and more. The new app will be replacing the old text-a-tip method. With the app, reporters can make a tip within the app and keep track of its progress so they know if the tip has been useful and if they need to collect their payment. This app will also help investigators to actually utilize the tips that come in. Each useful tip will be assigned to an investigator who will follow up on any leads. We are in the process of getting the app set up and learning how to use it, so it will still be a little longer before the app is ready for the community so stay tuned for more details.

What is Crimestoppers?

Crimestoppers is a program that involves the public, the media, and the police in the fight against crime. It offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who furnish information leading to the arrest of suspects. Each week facts about unsolved felony crimes are aired on radio, TV, in various newspapers, and circulated to enforcement agencies throughout the area. Citizens are asked to call Crimestoppers with any information regarding the crimes.

It is completely anonymous!

All calls are kept in complete confidence. Citizens who supply information which leads to an arrest are eligible for a reward valued up to $2,500.00. The Crimestoppers Board determines the amount of the reward. The department also has a Campus Crimestoppers Program designed to provide students a way to anonymously report crimes that may occur on their campus and a Gunstoppers program to get illegal firearms off the street.


Crimestoppers has introduced a new program called Gunstoppers. Citizens can report illegal firearms to Gunstoppers with the possibility for a cash reward. A majority of violent crimes that occur involve an illegal weapons, so we hope to reduce these crimes by getting these weapons off the street. For more information on how the program works and what is considered an illegal weapon, visit Gunstoppers.

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