Minimum Housing Commission

Burlington Housing Commission

Purpose: Evaluates rental rates, study the need for reconditioning or condemnation, and other housing conditions within the City, and to make recommendations to the City Council concerning such matters. The Commission may inspect houses and living quarters in the City, and shall have rights to enter with the building inspector for that purpose. They shall hear and determine appeals from decisions of the building inspector upon any provision of the housing code. 

Code, Special Act, or Resolution Reference: City Code Section 2-175
Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the Month 10 a.m.
Location: Council Chamber of the Municipal Building

(Commissioners may serve up to three consecutive 3-year terms.)

Terms Members
1 Lucero Vazquez
1 Donna Vanhook 
2 Mary Bozeman
1 John Thorpe
1 Graciano Velez 
1 Kenneth Graves - ALT
1 Jacob Dunson - ALT