Planning Fee Schedule and Documents

Planning and Documents

2024 Fee Schedule was adopted by the Burlington City Council on December 5, 2023.

2024 Fee Schedule

Annexation Petition$300.00
Technical Review Committee (TRC) Review
Application (including first & second review)$500.00
Third & each subsequent review for Site Plan$300.00
Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)
Major COA application fee$100.00
Rezoning Application
Limited Use Rezoning Application$750.00
General Rezoning Application (Conventional) $750.00
Conditional Rezoning$1,000.00
Planned Development$1,000.00
Local Historic Overlay (LHO) Amendment$1,000.00
Local Historic Landmark Designation$350.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment$350.00
Unified Development Ordinance Text Amendment$350.00
Temporary Use Permits
Food Truck$100.00
Itinerant Merchant Sales$50.00
Outdoor Seasonal Sales$50.00
Storage in a Container$50.00
Special Events$50.00
Temporary Dwelling$50.00
Temporary Real Estate Office$50.00
Temporary Wireless Telecommunication Facility$50.00
Temporary Banner$50.00
Board of Adjustment
Notice of Appeal$300.00
Special Use Permit$500.00
Administrative Review
Zoning Certification Letter$75.00
Determination Letter (Site Plan Review, Legal Non-Conforming, Vested Rights Certificate Application, etc.)$75.00
Family Care/Group Home Letter$75.00
Administrative Adjustment$75.00
Reasonable Accommodation$75.00
Preliminary Plat Review$500.00 + $40.00 per lot
Final Plat Review$200.00
Final Plat Review (exempt subdivision)$100.00
Accessory Uses
Fence Permit$75.00
Zoning Permit
   Accessory Structures$50.00
   Murals/Public Art$50.00
Sign Permit 
$52 for first $1,000 valuation of construction$52.00
Per $1,000 for each additional $1,000 or any part up to $100,000$7.00
Per $1,000 for each additional $1,000 or any part over $100,000$6.00
Code Enforcement
Vacant Lots - Administrative Fee$100.00
Vacant Lots - Repeat Offense Administrative Fee$250.00
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Street Renaming Petition$200.00
Map Printing Fees
   8.5" x 11" Sheet$2.00
   11" x 17" Sheet$4.00
   24" x 36" Sheet$10.00
   36" x 48" Sheet$20.00
Map Generation Fees
   Customized Maps $25.00/ per Half Hour
Data Fees  (Non Commercial Use)
   Customized Data Sets$25.00/ per Half Hour
   Media Charge*$5.00/ per Disc
Data Fees (Commercial Use)
   Standard Available Data Sets**
   Customized Data Sets**
Copy Fees
Black & White 8 1/2" x 11" Copies$0.10
Black & White 11" x 17" Copies $0.12
Black & White over 11" x 17" Copies$0.30 per square foot
Color 8 1/2" x 11" Copies$0.50
Color 11" x 17" Copies$1.00
Copy of City of Burlington Uniform Development Ordinance*$150.00
Copy of City of Burlington Comprehensive Land Use Plan*$40.00
Burlington/Graham Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)$40.00

*Fee does not include postage

**Fees to established on an individual request or case-by-case basis in accordance with N.C.G.S. Chapter 132.

These documents and maps are available to the general public. Charges typically cover the costs of reproduction only. Place your order by calling the Planning Department at (336) 222-5110, or by writing to:

City of Burlington

Planning Department

P.O. Box 1358

Burlington, NC 27216-1358