Cemetery & Grounds Division

Cemetery & Grounds Division

Alan Idol, Superintendent

For more than 100 years, the City of Burlington, as a service to citizens, has provided and maintained Pine Hill Cemetery, Brown's Chapel Cemetery circa 1840's, Northlawn Cemetery and Rest Haven Cemetery as a tranquil, aesthetic setting offering traditional grave sites. Additionally, the City offers the Pine Hill Cemetery Columbarium for those who choose cremation services for burial. 

The administering and maintaining of the cemetery grounds is the responsibility of the City's Cemetery and Grounds Division. The maintenance is perpetual in nature. This means the City will always be responsible for the mowing and trimming of grass and other duties required to maintain a pleasing appearance.

Online Burial Search

You can now look up the location of grave sites online using Pontem, click here


Visitation hours are from sunrise to sunset at all four cemeteries.


Flowers placed on graves during burial will be removed five days after the date of the burial. Should the family desire flowers to remain longer, prior arrangements must be made with the cemetery and grounds superintendent. Flowers placed on graves after interment will be allowed to remain until they become unsightly, at which time they will be removed. Flowers blown from graves will be discarded.

Grave Markers

The Cemetery and Grounds Division does not install, maintain or assume responsibility for grave markers. These arrangements should be made through the funeral director or monument company. There are specific guidelines which govern the installation of grave markers. Contact the cemetery and grounds superintendent for further information.


The Cemetery and Grounds Division will gladly answer any questions you have regarding municipal cemeteries. Please call 222-5077 or visit the cemetery and grounds superintendent's office, 234 E. Summit Avenue between the hours of 7:30am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

The tree October 2014

Cemetery Ordinance Prohibiting Loose Adornment

The rules and regulations governing the City Cemeteries provide for an orderly, well groomed, quiet sanctuary. To achieve and maintain that status requires a joint effort between the cemetery staff and cemetery patrons. Those persons owning rights to burial and those having deceased loved ones interred within the cemetery need to be aware of the policies that regulate City of Burlington cemeteries.

The City adopted an ordinance for City Cemeteries that went into effect  back in October, 2018. According to the ordinance the following decorations will no longer be allowed: solar lights, figurines, mulch, pinwheels, balloons, and concrete figurines, hanging decorations, lawn furniture, fencing (plastic wood, metal, etc.), hardscapes, (block, rock, brick, etc.), vases, glass objects, urns , trinkets rocks/gravel/landscape pebbles, and any other items interfering with the safe and efficient maintenance of cemeteries. 

The ordinance will include all City Cemeteries which are North Lawn, Pine Hill, Rest Haven and Brown’s Chapel. 

Below is a link to the full ordinance document.