Domestic Violence

The Burlington Police Department recognizes that domestic violence is a serious crime, which requires direct police intervention and a coordinated community response.  It is the priority of the Burlington Police Department to intervene, investigate, and prosecute all incidents of domestic violence.  Victims of this type of crime will be treated with respect and dignity; they will be given all available assistance by law enforcement personnel.  In the past five years, domestic violence has been responsible for 40% of homicides in Burlington.  Approximately 5% of all calls for service are attributed to domestic violence related issues.

Goals of the Domestic Violence Unit:

The Burlington Police Department's Domestic Violence Unit acts as a liaison between patrol officers and victims. It assists in making sure the first responding officers are kept up to date on the latest developments regarding domestic violence so that they may interact with all parties appropriately. The goals of the unit are:
  • To prevent domestic homicides
  • To prevent domestic assaults
  • To prevent injuries to officers, victims, and other affected parties
  • To provide effective police services

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