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Councilmember Kathy Hykes, Councilmember Ronnie Wall, Mayor Pro Tem Harold Owen, Councilmember Bob Ward
Mayor James Butler

How to Attend Meetings

City Council Meetings are regularly* held on the first & third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM

City Council Meetings are held the Council Chambers (Suite 202) of the Municipal Building, 425 South Lexington Avenue, Burlington 

City Council Work Sessions are regularly* held on the Monday before the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM

City Council Work Sessions are held in the Municipal Conference Room (ground floor) of the Municipal Building, 425 South Lexington Ave, Burlington 

All attendees of City Council meetings  must past through security screenings before entering the Council Chambers. Please view the list of items prohibited at Council meetings.

Public Notices

Watch Live or Recorded Meetings

YouTube Channel

Watch meetings on the City of Burlington YouTube Channel previously recorded or live.

Spectrum Channel 5

City Council meetings air at 7:00pm Thursdays, 3:30pm on Saturdays and 2:00pm on Mondays in addition to various other times on Local Gov TV (Spectrum Channel 5). Find a program listing at  

How to make Public Comments during a City Council Meeting

Any person wishing to speak during the Public Comments period at City Council Meetings may sign up to do so prior to the beginning of the meeting at a designated area on a form that will include your name, address and purpose for appearing before City Council.  The sign up sheet will be provided to the City Council at the start of the meeting and the Mayor will call on those signed up during the public comment period on the agenda.  

If anyone is experiencing technical difficulties, please contact our Public Information Specialist at 336-513-5440