Civilian Crash Investigations

The Burlington Police Department is currently hiring Civilian Crash Investigators to conduct traffic crash investigations and complete the accompanying reports. They are responsible for analyzing physical evidence, witness statements, and other evidence to investigate and document traffic collisions.

Examples of Duties

  • Investigate traffic accidents involving property damage.
  • Initiate proper assistance, including wreckers, ambulances, fire department personnel, and law enforcement.  
  • Assist disabled motorists and aid in the removal of abandoned vehicles that obstruct roadways. 
  • Provide traffic direction and control at traffic accident scenes, road closures, inoperative or damaged traffic control devices, and other situations requiring manual traffic direction. 
  • Report the location and nature of crimes in progress to the communications center without becoming personally involved.
  • Move and set up traffic cones, barricades, and flares for distances of up to 100 feet to control crowds and traffic at hazard and/or collision scenes. 
  • Enter and retrieve data on a computer to locate information on wanted subjects and to check license plate or driver's license information. 
  • Maintain assigned vehicles, equipment, and supplies, ensuring availability and proper working order. 
  • May testify as a witness in court. 
  • Perform various administrative support duties.

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