Post-construction Site Runoff Control 

General Requirements

Stormwater Permit

All new development and redevelopment of one (1) acre or more must apply for a Low-density or High-density (requires structural SCM meeing design criteria of North Carolina Department of Environmenal Quality's Stormwater Design Manual) Stormwater Permit through the City's BurlingtonSmart permitting portal. This requirement also applies to any addition or expansion of a larger common plan of development which "cumulatively" (existing and proposed) will have a disturbance footprint of one (1) acre or more. A stormwater permit fee was established by City Council on February 5, 2008, effective March 1, 2008. The permit fee is periodically adjusted based on City Council review and approval. The current permit fee is $505, and covers the review, administration, and issuance of post-construction stormwater plans and permit applications. 

Burlington Unified Development Ordinance (Chapter 7.4)

Riparian Buffer Rules

In addition, the City of Burlington is subject to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality's Jordan Lake Rules. City Council adopted a Riparian Buffer Protection Ordinance that follows the NC Division of Water Quality's Riparian Buffer Protection Model Ordinance on November 16, 2010. Chapter 7.3 of the City's Unified Development Ordinance, requires new development to provide a 50' riparian buffer along mapped surface waters, including intermittent streams, perennial stream, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. Certain activities are deemed 'Exempt', 'Allowable', or 'Allowable with Mitigation'. These activities must be reviewed by the Stormwater Administrator and must obtain a Determination of No Practical Alternatives Authorization (below) to proceed with requested activity within the buffer. Applications can be submitted through the BurlingtonSmart permitting portal, or emailed to Amy Barber at

Riparian Buffer Authorization Application

Riparian Buffer Authorization Certificate of Completion