Chafe-Pro receives patent approval for backpack design, moves forward to field testing

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STREP-packOn August 2, 2022, Chafe-Pro® announced patent approval for a convertible rescue backpack, named the Edge-Pack®️. The Edge-Pack®️ is a multi-use pack with interchangeable panels for gear organizers and pockets. Whether backpack, briefcase, or anchor sling, this bag has it all! 

Chafe-Pro is a family-owned Burlington company known for products focusing on preventing chafe abrasion to synthetic lines in boating, rock climbing, military, and more. Originally known as FJORD Nautical Instruments, the company was founded in 1967 to manufacture a self-designed nautical analog calculator. Both the name and concept changed in 1991 to protecting marine lines from chafe abrasion, thus becoming Chafe-Pro. Nowadays their chafing gear is offered to the global market in a variety of areas, with products such as the Static Rope Edge Protector (STREP®️) unit, the Chafe-Pro anti-chafing device. 

1660765724712The design of the Edge-Pack®️ was hatched in Chafe-Pro’s Burlington facility and took almost two years of research and development to achieve the final product. The Edge-Pack®️ can be fully unzipped into a large Edge-Mat, with hook and loop fastener strips to accommodate size modifications as needed. Additionally, the shoulder straps of the Edge-Pack®️ are modeled after similar the Chafe-Pro product as removable straps, which can be used in a backpack, briefcase, or shoulder strap style.

Though the Edge-Pack®️ is not yet available for purchase, the company is currently in the field testing and presentation phases with global partners. As their slogan goes, Don’t Climb Without It!

Image Source: FJORD Inc. - Chafe-Pro & STREP

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