Strategic Plan 2023-2025

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The purpose of strategic planning is to set direction for the future, focus staff efforts, and monitor performance toward stated goals. The Burlington Police Department conducted an extensive 12-month planning process and engaged with City leaders, Police Department staff, and community members to update our strategic plan, working collaboratively to establish a clear course to guide department work planning and resource allocation for the department over the next three years.

Step 1: April 2022
Established strategic planning framework

Step 2: May 2022
Entered into partnership with Baker Tilly

Step 2: July-August 2022 
Internal and External Outreach

Step 3: September-October 2022 
Data Review and Analysis

Step 4: October-December 2022 
Create Priorities and Strategies

Step 5: 2023-2025 
Strategic Plan Implementation

The strategic planning process was comprehensive, and it involved the following activities:

Baker Tilly, a national consulting firm, conducted individual interviews with City leaders and Police Department staff.

Baker Tilly administered community and employee surveys to solicit additional input.

Burlington Police Department staff conducted four community engagement sessions to connect directly with residents and local stakeholders. These sessions were designed to gather thoughts and ideas about concerns and potential opportunities to address in the next three years.

The information obtained from interviews, surveys and other data-gathering methods provided context and understanding of the current and anticipated operating environment in the City and the Police Department.

An employee workshop facilitated by Baker Tilly was held on October 7, 2022. Workshop participants consisted of both sworn and professional staff representing all levels and divisions of the Police Department. This team worked together during a day-long workshop in large and small groups to discuss the future of the department and  craft the elements of this strategic plan.

During the implementation of our strategic plan, Police Department staff will collect, track, and report data to measure progress and outcomes that address the goals and strategies resulting from this process.