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Burlington is in constant motion...moving forward and taking steps to improve the life of the residents that call Burlington home. Learn more about the latest thing in motion in Burlington.

Sock Puppets Entertainment Venue


The City of Burlington to build new entertainment venue at Burlington Athletic Stadium, home of the Burlington Sock Puppets

The Burlington Athletic Stadium, home of the Burlington Sock Puppets, is about to get sockingly more entertaining. Planning and design work has begun on a new entertainment venue along the first base line. The new addition will be a three-tiered structure where friends and family can gather, eat some good food, and grab some beers all with a view that makes them feel like they’re virtually playing right field for the Sock Puppets.

The venue respectfully modernizes Burlington’s beautiful, historic stadium. Currently, the concessions and gathering spaces are behind the stands. With the new venue, folks will have the opportunity to socialize and mingle and not miss a Sock Puppet home run or a Socksquatch dance move. A Sock Puppets game is an experience, and the new space is the perfect place to embrace that experience.

The venue also allows the Sock Puppets to activate the ballpark year-round, hosting an array of events outside the team’s June through August season. The type of events may include a Christmas Lights display or a half-marathon that ends with rounding the bases.

The entertainment venue will be available for rentals. It can be sectioned off so that a family could rent part of the venue for a birthday party or business could rent the whole thing for an employee appreciation event.

"The new entertainment venue will greatly enhance the atmosphere and functionality of Burlington Athletic Stadium,” stated Burlington Mayor Jim Butler. “The Sock Puppets are great community partners, and they are committed to assisting the city in programming this facility on a year-round basis which adds strength and stability to our eastern neighborhoods. This venue will be exciting,

and it will be one that corporate citizens, individual citizens, and visitors from out of town, can all enjoy."

"The entertainment venue will truly change Burlington Athletic Stadium as we know it and allow this historic facility to not only welcome members from our community year-round, but also will attract tourists and business to our city and county,” stated Sockpuppets General Manager Anderson Rathburn. “Our goal is to provide a high valued experience for anyone who comes to Sockville (in-season or out of season), and this structure will allow us to do just that."

Paramount Theater Expansion

Paramount Rendering - banner-01

Update September 2022 - At the September 19, 2022, City Council approved the allocation of funds for design services for the Paramount Theater Expansion. The expansion will include two floors plus a rooftop deck allowing for multiple performance/rental spaces for the community to enjoy. Staff also plan to expand the programming offerings at the Paramount with a view to significant increases in the number of nights per year when the facility is open to the public. Each of the spaces will be built such that they can operate independently so there can be a performance one the main stage, a second performance in the new first-floor space, a rehearsal in the second-floor space, and live music and beers on the roof deck.

Design and construction is expected to take 26 months. The one-story building that is currently part of the Paramount lobby will be demolished to maximize the usable space for the new structure.

Paramount Rendering 2

Steri-Tek to Anchor Future 84-acre Life Sciences Industrial Park


Update September 2022 - Steri-Tek, an electron beam and x-ray sterilization company, announced this week that the company will establish its first East Coast facility in Burlington, North Carolina.

The company plans to construct a 150,000 square-foot facility on a 13-acre site at 1404 Anthony Road, investing $71 million in real and personal property and creating 50 jobs with an average annual wage of $56,800. 

Founded in 2016 in Fremont, California, Steri-Tek provides X-ray and E-beam sterilization services for complex medical devices and sensitive biologic materials. The company counts as customers several industries, including medical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and tissue industries. 

In addition to constructing their own facility, Steri-Tek will purchase an additional 72 acres adjacent to their building with plans to develop a life sciences-focused industrial park. There is potential for four additional building sites to be developed, serving as a longer-term opportunity to support new life sciences investment in Burlington.


Carousel Restoration and Carousel House Construction


Update - August 2022  - Central Builders indicates that the construction will not be completed until later in 2022 due to multiple challenges with supply chain problems on products ranging from custom components and finishings, roof materials, large glass storefront folding doors, power panel boxes, furnishings, and caulk.  Labor shortages also continue to be a challenges for this project.

The carousel animals and machinery to operate the carousel have all been refurbished and completed by our expert refurbishment contractor, Carousel & Carvings, in Ohio. All the historical items are ready and in storage awaiting building completion for their custom installation. The Stinson carousel organ has been refurbished and is also in storage ready for installation. 

Visit the Carousel History Page

N.C. 62 Widening - Ramada Road to U.S. 70


Update - January 2022  - This is an North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) project. NCDOT staff has advised that Right-of-Way Acquisition is planned in FY24 and Construction is planned for FY 25-27. NCDOT is re-evaluating all State Transportation Improvement (STIP) projects at this time, but this one is presently listed as a committed project unless the state changes it. NCDOT has no set timeline for any information meetings, public involvement, or final maps/plans. They indicate more information will be available as they are into 2023 and the 2024 ROW effort. 

View NCDOT Full Project webpage

City Park Improvements -Little Alamance Creek Streambank Restoration & Tree Removal Project


Update - August 2022
Little Alamance Creek Streambank Restoration

  • Phase I of vegetation removal and maintenance completed by specialized contractor is in progress. Invasive vegetation is being removed.
  • Phase II is in progress and includes heavy removal, thinning, and cutting of critical areas selected by City Staff. 
  • Phase III is ongoing monthly maintenance to control the density of the new growth within the buffer. 
  • City Council adopted Resolution 21-05 accepting easement release from the State. Dissolution of easement recorded on February 11, 2021.

Tree Removal Project

  • Tree removal outside of the stream buffer is complete
  • Trees were dead, diseased, or a threat to safety 
  • The removal will open the park to allow for establishment of grass to decrease soil erosion and enhance unsightly areas of the park.

Read full 1-18-22 City Park Memo   Visit City Park Improvement webpage

Graham Hopedale Road Widening


August 2022  - The project is complete.

February 2022 - The N.C. Department of Transportation proposes to widen Graham-Hopedale Road from West Hanover Road to Morningside Drive in Burlington, Alamance County.  The purpose of this project is to improve safety and alleviate congestion along the roadway. 

The NCDOT project website is now live at https://www.publicinput.com/graham-hopedale-burlington and the public is being notified via mailed postcards and digital media. On the project website, citizens will find current information as well as an opportunity to submit any comments or questions to the project team via phone, email, or mail through March 4, 2022.  Learn More

Demolition of Unsafe Buildings on North Main Street


August 2022 - Demolition is complete

February 2022 - City Council voted on 2/1/22 to demolish the two structures located at 169 and 171 N. Main Street.   These properties were declared unsafe and an imminent hazard. Since May 6, 2020, the Police Department has responded to 3 calls for service at this location. Two of the calls were in response to breaking/entering and suspicious conditions. On January 6, 2022, an employee of a neighboring business expressed concerns to the city about their safety due to the suspicious activity taking place inside of the buildings. On January 9, 2022, the Fire Department responded to a call about smoke coming from the second floor of 169 N. Main Street. The Fire Department discovered an unsheltered individual occupying the second floor who attempted to start a fire to keep warm but quickly extinguished it due to smoke. Since compliance was not achieved in the demolition order, the city will proceed with demolition creating a safe and new opportunity for development on these parcels.