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Economic Development Department

January 06, 2022

Engineering Education Program Expansion & Economic Development 


If you’ve visited Elon’s campus in the past 6 months, you’ve probably seen the construction of an academic quad underway. The Innovation Quad will be completed in summer 2022 and will be home to Elon’s Engineering Program, The Department of Physics, and much more. The American Board for Engineering and Technology accreditation team plans to formally announce Elon’s Engineering Program accreditation status in August 2022.   

Elon prides itself on experiential and cross-disciplinary learning, which will be evidenced in the work produced by students and faculty in these new facilities. The Engineering Program provides students with two major opportunities built into the curriculum where scholars pair their in-classroom experience with real world application.   

During their Junior year, Elon students collaborate with an organization to evaluate ideas and offer proof-of-concept. As a culmination of their learning, all seniors participate in a Senior Capstone Project where students, overseen by a faculty member, create solutions and prototypes for businesses.