Foster A Pet

You'll Be Glad You Did! 

Fostering literally saves lives! Did you know pets do much better in a foster home versus in the kennel? Studies have shown how stress hormones drop significantly in dogs when they leave the shelter, even for a few hours. As nice as our wonderful facility at BAS is, we know a real home environment is what is the best for pets. There are so many more reasons why fostering is best for shelter pets and if you are not yet convinced, you can read more about it here.  

Fosters are needed at BAS year-round to care for pets such as adoptable cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. We also need experienced and skilled fosters to provide care for special needs pets such as seniors, pets recovering from illness or a surgical procedure, fearful or less socialized pets, and nursing moms. Pet food and any necessary medical care are provided for the foster pet at no cost to the foster family. Fosters help promote their foster pet and are there every step of the way in finding their foster pet a permanent home while working with BAS staff and adopters through the adoption process. We also encourage foster families to take their pet out on the town to help get more socialization and exposure to potential adopters. Going on hikes at local trails, grabbing a drink or snack at a local outdoor restaurant or cafe, and heading out to special events and adoption fairs are all great ways to have fun with your foster pet while helping them to get adopted. 

We value our foster families and love seeing the incredible positive experiences and outcomes BAS pets have because of our foster volunteers!

Interested in becoming a foster volunteer?  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Step 1: Complete a foster volunteer application today!

Step 2:  View pets at BAS  to see who you'd like to foster

Step 3:  Schedule a time to meet a pet to take home and foster! 

We will go over all the details you'll need for fostering at BAS pet before you take your foster pet home. Email us at with any questions! 

Send us an update on your foster pet using our new Foster Report Card.