Dentzel Carousel at Burlington City Park - Currently closed due to construction 

June 2022 UPDATE:
Central Builders indicates that the construction will not be completed until later in 2022 due to multiple challenges with supply chain problems on products ranging from custom components and finishings, roof materials, large glass storefront folding doors, power panel boxes, furnishings, and caulk. The carousel animals and machinery to operate the carousel have all been refurbished and completed by our expert refurbishment contractor, Carousel & Carvings, in Ohio. All the historical items are ready and in storage awaiting building completion for their custom installation. The Stinson carousel organ has been refurbished and is also in storage ready for installation.   

Carousel Restoration

City Parks Carousel was hand-carved by the Dentzel Carousel Company over 100 years ago. It was previously restored by a group of dedicated community members in the 1980s. After another 35 years of rides, this piece of art in motion requires complete refurbishment and restoration of both its artistic and mechanical elements. Carousels & Carvings, Inc. of Marion, Ohio is restoring and repainting our menagerie of carousel animals, repairing and fabricating new mechanisms, upgrading our drive unit, and adding an ADA-accessible chariot and ramp. This process will ensure that our beautiful carousel will be around for generations to come.

New CAROUSEL HOUSE - Coming Soon!Carousel house render-01-01

A new Carousel House is under construction for the Carousel’s return. The Carousel House will be open-air in the warmer months and enclosed by glass during cold weather allowing the Carousel to operate year-round. An attached event space with restrooms and a catering staging area will be available to rent. There will be viewing windows between the event space and the Carousel for guests to enjoy.  

The Carousel House is situated on higher ground closer to Main Street. This keeps the Carousel out of the creek floodplain and places it at grade level with the parking lot, improving ADA accessibility. The original Carousel House will stay where it is and be repurposed for another use.