Water Meters Replacement Plan 

After many years of service, it’s time to replace water meters throughout the City. We’re upgrading to cutting-edge smart meters that will improve efficiency and your billing experience. Crews will begin swapping out the City’s 24,000 water meters in the last two months of 2021. Most meters are expected to be replaced by the end of 2022.

The new smart meters are read remotely with usage data downloaded once per day. A new customer portal, accessible from the website you use to pay your bill, will allow you to monitor your water usage in close to real time. You can see how your sprinkler system or your washing machine or your house guests effect how much water you’re using. Those sneaky, leaky toilets that occasionally spike water bills? Now that you’ll be able to go online and see your current usage, you’ll know when that extra water and your money is going down the drain (Seriously though, get that leak fixed and give us a call - we can work something out with the bill if you get the problem taken care of). 

Water meters in Burlington are located outside the home, so residents will not need to be present during installation. When a technician arrives for the installation, they will knock on the door to notify the customers that their water will be turned off for about 15 minutes. If no one is home, they will leave a door hanger on your door knob letting you know that your meter has been upgraded. In some cases, the installation may cause some discolored water. If it does, just run your cold water for a few minutes until it runs clean. 

For local businesses, technicians will schedule a convenient time for the meter replacement to cause minimal disruption.

For questions about the installation of your new water meter, please call 336-222-5100 or email us at Burlington-Utilities@BurlingtonNC.gov

Information on Water Meter Replacement 
For questions call: 336-222-5100
FAQ on Water Meter Replacement Project
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