Burlington Christmas Parade


Applications for the 2023 Burlington Christmas Parade will be available in Oct. 2023

Tips for watching the Burlington Christmas Parade

Saturday, November 18th 2023 at 10am

Know the route & where to parkChristmas Parade- Route and Parking Map

 The Burlington Christmas Parade has a route that winds through the streets of Downtown Burlington. There are great views from all the streets with long stretches of parade viewing opportunities on Front Street and Main Street, and many others in-between.

Please view the Christmas Parade map for more details.  If you want the "downtown" feel with tall buildings and wider sidewalks then sitting along Front Street, Worth Street, Davis Street, Spring Street or Maple Avenue are great options.  Parking is great downtown, but many of the major lots are being used to stage the parade. Don't be surprised if you have to walk a few blocks.

The long stretch down Main Street leading to City Park gives you a long sight-line as the parade rolls down the street.  There is on-street parking all around Main Street. Please be respectful if a business has coned off their lot.  Since many of these businesses are closed on Saturday mornings, they are kind enough to let the public park in the lots. Please do not block driveways!

If you are someone in the parade, getting in the right place for the parade start is tricky.

We spend a lot of time trying to communicate the line-up and drop off options for parade participants, but we understand it can be confusing.  The truth of the matter is, most people have to park and walk in.  It is very difficult to drop participants off by car in the staging area.  If you do not have a pass, you will not be let into the parade staging area. You will need to find parking elsewhere and walk in.

🎄PLEASE DON'T STOP AND DROP OFF PARTICIPANTS ON WEBB AVENUE!🎄 It is very dangerous and causes traffic back-ups.

🎄There are several thousand people trying to get to a 4-block radius for a one-hour time block. It will be congested and take some time.  Please be patient and kind. 

🎄ALL REGISTERED PARADE PARTICIPANTS received an email containing your receipt and important arrival and pick-up information. Please ask your organization contact to share this information with you! 

Stay till the end! 

We all know this can be a struggle with little kids.  The "Big Guy" and all his flying reindeer come at the end! Keep your eyes open for other large surprises at the end of the parade too.   

Burlington is a great place to work, live and play!  Make sure you mark your calendars for the next Christmas event in Burlington- Holiday Magic (December 10th from 4pm-7pm in Downtown Burlington).

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