Police Chief Recruitment and Hiring

Police Chief Recruitment 2021

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The City of Burlington is beginning the journey to select our next Police Chief, and we want to hear from you! It is important that we build a profile for the next Police Chief that includes input from the community. The process will involve multiple steps, listed below, beginning with hearing from members of community.

PD recruitment process

In the council-manager form of municipal government, the decision of selecting department heads (including the Police Chief) rests solely with the City Manager.  City Manager Hardin Watkins would like to receive input from community members so he can put together the ideal candidate profile for Burlington.

The input received will also help the City’s HR Department and consultant to develop meaningful and unique questions and exercises for the candidates. This input will be collected, summarized, and provided to the City Manager and consultant.

Participants in the public input process will not get to rank the police chief candidates or “pitch” the top candidate.

How We Get There
Step 1: Community Engagement
In the Community Engagement phase of the process input will be gathered from City employees, community groups, business stakeholders, faith-based groups, neighborhood association leadership, boards and commissions (specifically the newly formed Community Police Advisory Team), and more! 

La Ciudad de Burlington está comenzando el viaje para seleccionar a nuestro próximo Jefe de Policía, ¡y queremos saber de usted! Es importante que construyamos un perfil para el próximo Jefe de Policía que incluya aportes de la comunidad. Tómese un momento para proporcionar comentarios en el formulario en línea o regístrese para una de nuestras sesiones de comentarios públicos.

Tres formas de participar:

• Herramienta de encuestas en línea HAGA LA ENCUESTA AHORA
• Sesión de comentarios públicos de Zoom REGÍSTRESE AQUÍ
• Sesión de comentarios públicos en persona 

These tools will be used to identify characteristics, skills and abilities needed in the next Chief, as well as successes and critical challenges facing the City of Burlington Police Department.

Step 2:  Recruitment
 After community needs have been determined, candidate recruitment application will begin. The search will be conducted nationwide, ensuring the best pool of candidates have the opportunity to learn about this opportunity in Burlington.

Step 3: Assessment
 Thorough screening and evaluation of candidates will narrow the search. 

Step 4: Hiring
 An extensive interview and assessment process will determine competencies across many categories. We hope to complete this process and select a candidate for hire by the fall of 2021.

For more information contact the City Managers office at 336-222-5020.