Dog Day Out Adventure!

Celebrate this V-Day on a Dog DATE Out!

This Valentine's day, celebrate and experience true unconditional love (and perhaps your best date EVER) by taking one of our adoptable dogs out on a Dog Date Out! Thanks to a generous donation from Salvation Coffee Co., everyone who participates in a Dog Date Out will be entered into a raffle where 5 winners will be drawn to receive a $5 gift card to Salvation Coffee in Burlington! Raffle winners will be announced at 3:30 and winners can pick up their gift cards after dropping of their pups before closing!  Salvation Coffee Co. is a veteran owned independent coffee shop and small batch coffee roaster serving artisan Hot & Cold beverages and locally made baked goods. They are located in Burlington at 3321 S. Church St. To take advantage of this opportunity, schedule your “date” for Tuesday, February 14th.

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OUnable to commit to volunteering, but still want to help? The Dog Day Out Program provides an opportunity for residents to take an adoptable BAS dog along with them for a few hours or for the day! Participants enjoy the companionship of a great dog and the dogs enjoy time out of their kennels and some undivided attention! Dog Day Out Adventures are available to do Monday-Friday; we just ask that participants return the dog by 4:30 p.m. since we close at 5:00. On Saturdays we close at 4:00pm and ask that participants.  

Ready for an adventure with a BAS pup? Here's how:

Check our website ( to see which dogs are here at BAS and might be available to go on a Dog Day Out Adventure. Please note, if a dog is listed as adoption pending (this is noted in the description section), it is not available to leave our shelter. Likewise, if it is in foster care, it is not available. If there are specific dogs you are interested in taking out, include their names when you schedule your dog day out adventure using the appointment scheduler below at the bottom of this page. 

After your adventure be sure to return here and complete a Dog Day Out Report Card and let us know about your adventure!

Check out one of our beautiful local parks on your Dog Day Out adventure! They are a great place to take a shelter buddy for a hike. Use the All Trails link below to find trails near you:

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