Crimestoppers is a program that involves the public, the media, and the police in the fight against crime. It offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who furnish information leading to the arrest of suspects. Each week facts about unsolved felony crimes are aired on radio, TV, in various newspapers, on our Alamance Crimestoppers website, and circulated to enforcement agencies throughout the area. Citizens are asked to call Crimestoppers with any information regarding the crimes. All calls are kept in complete confidence. Citizens who supply information that leads to an arrest are eligible for a reward valued up to $2,500.00. The Crimestoppers Board determines the amount of the reward. The department also has a Campus Crimestoppers Program designed to provide students a way to anonymously report crimes that may occur on their campus and a Gunstoppers program to get illegal firearms off the street.

Officer Pulling someone overHow It Works:

Individuals can contact Crimestoppers a few different ways:

They will then be given an identification number and password. The individual should make sure to write the tip ID and password down, so they do not forget it because this number is the only way they can collect their cash rewards or add additional information at a later time. Individuals(s) can receive cash rewards for information that aids in clearing a case and/or prevents criminal offenses from occurring. After a reasonable amount of time, individual(s) may contact Crimestoppers during normal business hours to determine if they are eligible for a reward. The Crimestoppers Board decides on the amount of the rewards, which are paid in the form of a check made out at a local bank that will cash the check. Individual(s) then use their tip ID and password to pick up the check.

Campus Crimestoppers:

Students can also participate in the Crimestoppers program through Campus Crimestoppers. They can do so using any of the previously stated methods or they may also provide information to the School Resource Officer assigned to their school if they prefer. The SRO will then secure an ID number for the student.


A large majority of our violent crimes include firearms, and many of those firearms are illegal. The goal of this program is to reduce violent crime involving firearms in Alamance County by encouraging people to report illegal firearms. To be an illegal weapon, the firearm must either be possessed illegally or be illegal on its own, such as sawed-off rifles or shotguns, automatic weapons, machine guns, ones with illegal silencers, altered firearms, and stolen weapons. A weapon is possessed illegally if it is in the control of a person who cannot lawfully have a firearm, such as felons and persons prohibited from firearms as part of a domestic violence order. Like the Crimestoppers program, tips to Gunstoppers are completely anonymous! Gunstoppers will pay a minimum of $200 cash as a reward to anyone who notifies Crimestoppers and that tips lead to an arrest or confiscation of an illegal firearm by any law enforcement agency in Alamance County. Tipsters who provide information on illegal weapons are still eligible for Crimestoppers regards if additional illegal activity is discovered as a result of the gun tip.