Property crimes can affect anyone, but there are a few steps that citizens can take to both prevent theft and make the recovery of stolen property more likely. Always remember to lock your vehicles. There has been a national campaign, which the BPD has participated in, called #9pmroutine. The idea is to establish a routine at night where you doublecheck that you have locked your vehicle, turn on outside lights, and confirm you have locked the doors and windows in your home. However, despite our best efforts, property crimes still happen. We will not always be able to recover whatever property was stolen, but citizens can make recovery more likely by having serial numbers or identifying marks on their property. If you can provide officers with the model and serial numbers from your electronics, it makes it easier to determine to whom the property may belong. That is why we recommend citizens collect the model and serial numbers from all their electronics and other valuables and suggest citizens use ReportIt. ReportIt is a private database where citizens can create an account and log all their serial numbers, and if you are the victim of a theft, you can log in from any device to provide a list of the stolen items serial numbers to police. ReportIt is private; no one except for the account holder will have access to the stored information. It is completely free, so create your account here.