Lock It or Lose It

Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime, but if you leave GPS units, phones, purses, or other valuables in your vehicle, you are increasing the risk that you will be a victim of theft. BPD reports that most thefts from vehicles are the result of people leaving their car doors unlocked or leaving valuables in view where thieves can easily spot them. The message is, "If thieves see it, they will steal it." 67% of Burlington's reported breaking and entering of motor vehicles were committed on unlocked vehicles! What are thieves looking for? Everything! This includes audio equipment, cash, purses, cell phones, tools, clothes, driver's licenses and other personal documents, checkbooks, luggage, cameras, GPS units, or other items of value or personal identification. If a thief manages to get anything with your personal information on it, including a social security number, you are now in danger of becoming a victim of identity theft.

The key to preventing thefts from your vehicle starts with you! Listed below are some quick tips to help prevent theft from your vehicle and more information on our Lock It or Lose It program is available here:

  • Lock your doors and take your keys with you
  • Park in secure, well-lit locations
  • Don't leave your valuables in plain sight; lock them in your trunk or take them with you