The City of Burlington Recreation & Parks Department’s Adopt-A-Park program encourages the community to become involved in the beautification and enhancement of our parks and trails. This program creates a framework under which citizens and community groups can contribute by adopting a section of a city park or trail, and agreeing to improve it by picking up litter, maintaining flower beds, reporting vandalism/graffiti, or other projects such as painting, cleaning, and landscaping. The Adopt-A-Park program also serves to promote civic pride, appreciation, stewardship.

Who can participate? 

  • Individuals 
  • Neighborhood associations 
  • Schools & Religious institution 
  • Businesses & Non-profit community groups
  • Service organizations & Scout troops 

Adopting individuals or groups make a one-year commitment to their park or trail, completing a minimum of four projects per year. It is the responsibility of a group’s primary contact to organize the clean-ups, and work cooperatively with the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator to secure dates and supplies for projects and report on each project after completion. 

What kind of projects can be completed?

  • Litter removal and debris clean-up
  • Landscaping: hand-weeding, plantings, flower bed maintenance, raking 
  • Other special projects with prior approval from Adopt-A-Park Coordinator

In addition, any requests to perform special projects that will materially change the adopted space, such as landscaping or facility improvements, should be submitted to the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator for approval in writing, at least 3 weeks prior to the desired project date. The appropriate City departments will review the request to ensure that the project complies with applicable safety, environmental, and legal restrictions, that it is consistent with the overall design, use, and maintenance of the park or trail, and that the date does not conflict with activities scheduled for the facility. The Adopt-A-Park Coordinator will respond to your organization with the required guidelines for that special project.

1105 Trail Work Day 03Parks & Recreation will provide:

  • Trash and recycling bags 
  • Recycling information 
  • Safety guidelines 
  • Litter grabbers  (limited number available for checkout)
  • Gloves  (limited number available for checkout)
  • Trash bag pick up from designated location(s)

The group’s primary contact must request these materials 14 days prior to the scheduled project date from the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator. Checkout materials must be returned within 5 days of the project.  

General Guidelines:

  • A Waiver of Liability & COVID Waiver must be signed by everyone who is participating in a cleanup. A parent or guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18. Once signed, waivers are valid for the duration of the year-long adoption period. Organizers must review and make sure that everyone has a signed agreement on file prior to participating. 
  • The Safety Guidelines must be read to the group prior to every cleanup. 
  • Clean-ups must be conducted a minimum of 4 times per year. 
  • Groups must get approval for the cleanup at least 14 days in advance and request supplies. Any special projects must be submitted in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the clean-up date to the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator for review and approval.  
  • The group must complete a Clean-Up Report within 48 hours of each clean-up. 
  • Filled trash bags should be grouped together as much as possible. Do not overfill trash bags. Try to keep them less than 50 lbs. each. 
  • Group will report vandalism, graffiti, and major maintenance problems to Parks & Recreation by notifying the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator and including it on their Clean-Up Report. This includes large trash items, toxic or hazardous materials, large sharp metal objects, medical waste, and dead animals. 
  • A park or trail may be adopted for a one-year period with the option to extend. The Recreation & Parks Department may revoke the adoption if the group fails to meet the minimum number of cleanups per year. 
  • Park adopters will be recognized on the City’s Adopt-A-Park webpage after the completion of their first clean-up. If a group provides photos from their clean-up event, the group will be highlighted on the Burlington Recreation & Parks social media pages. 

How to get started:

If you or your group would like to adopt a park or trail, please fill out the Adopt-A-Park Interest Form and the Adopt-A-Park Coordinator will get in touch with you to finalize the adoption process. If this is your first time using our CivicRec registration system, please create an "individual" (not "organization") account as the contact person for your organization.

Adopt-A-Park Documents, Forms & Waivers:


Contact Melissa Hoose, Adopt-A-Park Coordinator, by email or by phone (336) 222-5096.

Parks currently adopted:

  • Elimra Park
  • Joe Davidson Park
  • Petersburg Park