Community Relations Division

officer with reitreesThe Burlington Police Department seeks to increase cooperation, coordination, and collaboration between the department and other governmental agencies, non-profits, business stakeholders, and civilians in the community. The Community Relations Division is led by Capt. Todd Long with Lt. Mark Yancey and Granville Simmons. Our Community Resource Officer Bobby Davis  is responsible for several of the programs we have in the community.The goal of the outreach program is to effectively improve the quality of life for all members of our population by focusing on increasing communication between all sectors of our community, including the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) population, and the police department and enhancing the department's ability to serve our community through partnerships that more effectively and efficiently direct resources to the neighborhood level. Our vision will become a reality when we identify issues affecting the unique communties within our population and establish and maintain programs to address the needs in the community. We need to work closely with officers assigned to neighborhoods where LEP and other persons live to identify public safety issues that affect their quality of life. BPD has many active programs and involvement within our city, visit community relations to see what we do in the city.

Community Engagement Team:

The Burlington Police Department has recently established, through a federal grant, a Community Engagement Team or CET. This team was developed because of an observed upward trend in violent crime. The BPD, through CET, strives to work with members of the community by building relationships and developing trust in the department so as to prevent further criminal activity. CET is meant to develop trust within our community through transparency. CET is comprised of five officers, who are under the supervision of Sergeant Winston Meadows, who are assigned to various determined "hot-spots" in the community.