Hiring Process

The City of Burlington is seeking qualified applicants for our Police Officer positions. The entire process for hiring a City of Burlington Police Department Employee is extensive and can take 1 to 4 months.

 If you have any questions regarding the hiring process, please contact our Training and Professional Standards unit. 

You can read about the benefits of a career with us, read about each department, or see if you qualify for employment with us. 

The Burlington Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Alex Shockley

Sergeant, Training & Professional Standards

Step 2:

Once received, applications will be submitted to the Professional Standards Division where they will be reviewed for completeness and screened for suitability based on education, experience, and other position requirements.

Step 3:

Applicants may check the status of their application by logging into their Neogov account accessible in the employment section of the City of Burlington website. Applicants may be paused in the process and have an opportunity to re-test on specific stages of the hiring process; this is coordinated with the hiring specialist. Applicants that are deemed ineligible to proceed at any stage of the hiring process will be notified via email that they are ineligible for employment consideration at this time. Applicants receiving such notification may reapply within 6 months or at the chief's discretion. 

Step 4:

Applicants proceeding to the next or subsequent round of the hiring process will receive an email containing a link to submit supplemental information that is required to determine their eligibility to proceed to the next step. All supplemental materials requested must be submitted to the Professional Standards Division so that a determination can be made as to whether applicants are eligible to advance in the hiring process. Applicants determined ineligible for hire at this stage will be notified accordingly.

Step 5:

Applicants approved at this stage of the hiring process will undergo a criminal background check and a series of assessments to determine their "fitness for duty" as follows:

  1. Police Officer: The Police Officer Physical Agility Test (POPAT), the Nelson-Denny Reading Test, and the Biographical Risks and Inconsistencies (BRAINS) Assessment.
  2. Telecommunicators: The Zone Test, BRAINS Assessment, and Psychological
  3. Other civilian positions: Applicants will be assessed as appropriate based upon requirements for the position they have applied.

Community EventStep 6:

Applicants successfully completing these assessments will be scheduled for an interview with the oral review board.

Step 7:

Applicants recommended for hire by the Oral Review Board and who are found ready for hire for an existing vacancy will receive a preliminary offer of candidacy.

Step 8:

Applicants who pass the polygraph will be scheduled to undergo a psychological examination. 

Step 9:

Applicants performing successfully on the psychological examination will be scheduled for an interview with the chief of police who will make the final determination as to their eligibility for hire.

Step 10:

Applicants determined eligible for hire by the chief of police will receive a conditional offer of employment and will be scheduled for complete medical evaluation comprised of a urinalysis, physical examination by a nurse, and a physical examination by a doctor.

Step 11:

Applicants passing all medical examinations will receive a final job offer from the chief of police consisting of a hiring letter stating the start date and starting salary for the position.