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This page will be gradually phased out and transitioned over to our Alamance County Crimestoppers page. View persons of interest here.
The Burlington Police Department frequently encounters cases where we have a photo of a person of interest, but we are unable to ID them. So we are seeking the community's help in identifying these individuals who have been involved in a crime against a business or a person. Most person(s) of interest posted below are involved in a crime of theft against a Burlington business or a case of fraud against an individual. If you recognize any of these individuals, please click on the corresponding photo, it will redirect you to a form. Please provide as much information as you can, including the case number associated with the photo (202x -0xxxx). Using this form allows us to better track the information we receive. You may also contact us using the Alamance Crimestoppers number (336) 229-7100 or using our non-emergency number (336) 229-3500. You may also view the Alamance Crimestoppers Facebook for more information. Any information you provide is anonymous and eligible for a cash reward.


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Identified Individuals:

The persons of interest in the below cases have been identified. We would like to thank the community for their help as we attempt to solve these cases.
Case Number: Crime:
2020-02099 Larceny from business.
2020-00804 Larceny from business.
2019-08616 Larceny from business.
2019-07807 Larceny from business.
2019-05736 Assault with intent to kill.
2019-05594 Shoplifting.
2019-05762 Fraud.
2019-03749 Hit and run.
2019-03825 Larceny from business.
2019-03011 Larceny from business.
2019-03345 Larceny from business.
2019-01821 Larceny from business.