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Enforcement Zones LargeIn the spring of 2018 the City will begin implementing a new, strategic approach to code and zoning enforcement. This new approach, the Community Improvement Program, is designed to improve aesthetics and promote safety in neighborhoods around the city, increasing quality of life for residents and encouraging economic development. The city will be divided into five enforcement zones, identified by population density, volume of previous code violations and division of major thoroughfares. Each zone will be assigned a specific enforcement officer. This enforcement officer will get to know that neighborhood and the neighbors and will ultimately become a resource residents can turn to when they have questions and concerns.When a specific neighborhood is experiencing a high volume of violations, a Community Improvement Response Team may be deployed to address the issues. This Team will consist of representatives from City departments such as Building Inspections, Police Department, Fire Department, and Animal Services, to address the issues present in the neighborhood and provide available resources to residents.In advance of the implementation of the Community Improvement Program, the City invites all residents to attend a neighborhood meeting in their community where they will meet their zone enforcement officer, learn about common code and zoning violations, and discover resources available to them to address violations in and around their neighborhood. City staff will also be delivering door hangers with information about the Community Improvement Program preceding the meetings.

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Chris Marland
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