Pool Rules

Download a copy of Aquatic Facility Rules and Regulations

Lifeguards have the final authority on all matters concerning safety management and emergency situations in the pool until relieved by the proper authorities.

The Emergency Alert System is three whistle blasts. At the sound of the whistle, all patron must exit the pool immediately.

Supervision Requirements

  • Children 16 yrs. and older may enter the facility unaccompanied.
  • Children 15  yrs. and under must be accompanied in the facility by a responsible adult 18 yrs. or older. Max 3 children per adult. If any child is 5 yrs. or under, the max is 2 children per adult. 
  • Children 5 years and younger must have an adult (18+) in the water within arms reach. Max 2 per adult.
  • Any person wearing a safety vest must have an adult (18+) in the water within arms reach. Max 2 per adult.

Pool & Facility Rules

These pool rules apply to all Burlington Aquatics facilities under normal operating conditions. Please obey the lifeguards.

  • Entry fee required for all who enter the facility.
  • A proper swimsuit is required. Street clothing (i.e. gym shorts, denim, undergarments, etc.) is not allowed. No cotton. Lifeguard insignia not allowed for liability reasons.
  • Swim diapers must be worn by those not potty-trained. No regular disposable or cloth diapers.
  • Only Coast Guard-approved flotation devices allowed.
  • Use of pool prohibited unless supervised by City of Burlington lifeguards.
  • All patrons should shower before entering the pool. 
  • No hard balls or water guns. 
  • No extended underwater breath-holding. 
  • No sitting or standing on the shoulders of others. 
  • Running, pushing, shoving or horseplay is not permitted.
  • Swim tests are required for those wanting to swim in 5 ft. or greater. Lifeguards reserve the right to swim test anyone priior to allowing them to swim in deep water.
  • Diving is permitted only in the diving board area. 
  • Dive blocks are for competitive/class use only.
  • Facility equipment is for lap swim, water exercise and lesson use only. 
  • Hanging on lane lines is not permitted.
  • Persons using foul language or displaying rude conduct will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Patrons with skin infections, open cuts or sores will not be allowed to swim.
  • Patrons suspected to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted in the facility.
  • Glass in not allowed in the facility. No gum is allowed in the pool. Food and drinks in table areas only. 
  • No pets are allowed in the facility. Service animals are permitted but cannot enter the showers or pool.
  •  Blocking or restriction of fire lanes or emergency exits is prohibited. Emergency gates and exits should only be used in an emergency.
  •  Lock up all valuables or leave them at home. The City of Burlington is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

*Failure to comply with any written or oral rules, regulations or requirements imposed by City of Burlington Aquatics personnel is a violation and may result in immediate removal from the facility. Personal conduct in and around the aquatic facilities must be such that the safety of self and others is not jeopardized. Any such violation may result in immediate removal from the facility. No refunds.

Diving Board Rules

Must pass swim test to use the diving board.

  • The diving area must be clear before diving. 
  • One person at a time is allowed on the diving board.
  •  One bounce only. 
  • Jump/dive straight from the front end of the board. 
  • Divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and leave the diving area. 
  • No back dives, back flips, cartwheels, handstands, or hanging off the diving board. 
  • No goggles or masks on the diving board. 

Waterslide Rules 

One person at a time. 

  • Slide feet first, sitting on bottom. 
  • Upon landing, move away from slide. 
  • Persons taller than top of rail should not use slide. 

Swim Test

(American Red Cross Swim Competency Test)  No goggles allowed.

  1. Step or jump into water over your head. 
  2. Tread water for one minute. 
  3. Turn around in a full circle. 
  4. Swim 25 yards to the exit without stopping. 
  5. Exit the water without using the steps or a ladder. 

Lifeguards reserve the right to swim test anyone prior to allowing them to swim in deep water.