Crime Analysis Unit

Crime Analyst at ComputerFormally created in 2017, the Crime Analyst Unit was designed with one mission in mind: to aid patrol officers and criminal investigations using intelligence-led policing. The unit is comprised of one supervisor and two analysts. Their role is to interpret criminal activity, influence decision makers based on data, and make a positive impact on crime within the community.

The unit is involved in strategic planning as it relates to crime using geographical data, identifying meaningful patterns, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data that may arise within an investigation. The CAU also functions in the operational setting. Analyst are trained in digital forensics, open-source intelligence gathering, and criminal investigation tactics. The CAU is a point of contact for multiple agencies within the state of North Carolina and uses intelligence sharing to identify broader trends before they may arrive within the city of Burlington.

Snapshot 2Crime Mapping

At the core of crime analysis is understanding trends and patterns as they occur throughout a municipality. Burlington Police Department, like many departments across the country, experiences change in crime throughout time. All crime data from within the city can be viewed on our interactive map.

Digital ForensicsSnapshot 3

The CAU utilizes several digital forensic platforms to analyze raw data. In today’s day and age technology evolves rapidly and it is the role of the CAU to stay up to date and collect digital materials that could provide evidentiary value to investigators.


Drug trafficking and the growing presence of fatal opioids continues to plague communities across the nation. CAU acts as a central hub for surrounding agencies to trace opioid patterns. The unit has assumed a greater role in addressing the issues by working closely with specialized investigators and other vested organizations. CAU also regularly reviews citizen complaints with the intention of building actionable intelligence to tackle concerns from our community. Tips can be submitted here, via Crimestoppers.