Police Department

The Burlington Police Department is broken into several divisions, sections, units, and teams. There are several major divisions like Criminal Investigations (CID), Patrol, Professional Standards, and Community Relations (CRD). Some of these divisions have subsections like the Special Victims Unit, Gangs/ Violent Crimes, Person/ Property, and ANET under CID or the Community Engagement Team and School Resource Officers (SROs) under CRD. There is also Administration which is comprised of the chiefs of police and an administrative assistant and others. We also have several civilian units like our Crime Analysis Unit (CAU), Records, Evidence Control (ECU), Communications, and Victims/ Witness Assistance. There are several sections that are subsets of Patrol, like Traffic and the K-9 Unit, and a sub-section of Professional Standards, the Training Section. We have a SWAT unit, which is comprised of several officers from BPD as well as other agencies within the county.

DSC_0011You can also view information about our accreditation process and what that means for the department, our internal affairs reviews and how that works, as well as view information on the body cams officers are required to wear and view released footage. We have also provided the public with our response to the demand for police reform. You will find contact for the head of each department or unit on its respective page or you may contact our Admin office at (336) 229-3540 or our non-emergency number (336) 229-3500 for other questions or information.