Casting and Audition Policies

The Paramount Acting Company



Effective SEPT. 15, 2015, any actor cast in a Paramount Acting Company (PAC) show will not be granted any time off from PAC activities to participate in the activities of any other theatre company’s production after they have been cast in a PAC show. If you are already in a show and want to audition for a PAC show, your conflicts from that show will be counted as regular conflicts, such as work or classes, and will be factored into the casting decision. 

For example: If you are in a show and your schedule would require you to miss three PAC rehearsals, one for a pickup and two for shows, those would be seen as regular conflicts and would not automatically mean you could not be in a PAC show. We can adjust the schedule accordingly. By the same token, if you are in a show that would require you to miss eighteen of thirty-two rehearsals, those would be seen in the same light as if you were going to be on a three week vacation and, therefore, the chances would be pretty slim that you would be cast. We, of course, cannot and would not prohibit someone from being in another show. You are a free agent in that respect. It simply means that PAC rehearsals, load-ins, performances, pickups and/or strikes, must take precedence over any other show and no conflicts will be allowed for work on other shows during PAC activities once you have been cast in a PAC show. If an audition with another company would take you away from a previously scheduled PAC activity, you must make arrangements to do your audition at some other time. Again, if you audition for another show, you can, of course, attend their activities, as long as they do not keep you from your responsibilities to PAC. Understand this before you audition for our shows.

In addition, if an actor 1) indicates on their audition sheet that they will take a role other than their first choice, 2) is cast in that “other” role, and 3) then turns the “other” role down, that actor is barred from participating in PAC shows for two years. (You can, of course, indicate which roles you would not be willing to take. We will honor those decisions.) If you say you would be willing to be in the ensemble and then turn down an ensemble role, a one-year ban applies. And, if an actor takes a role and then drops out to take a non-paying/non-professional role with another community theatre group, the ban is for three years.

Casting decisions are the result of many factors, including your availability and loyalty to the production. What seems an unimportant decision to you can have major repercussions for a production or a theatre company, and can place unnecessary burdens on your fellow actors. PAC selects and produces only quality shows (Big River, Carousel, The Hermit of Ft. Fisher) and more are on the way. We work hard to give our artists the chance to be the best they can be. For that reason, we must demand the dedication of those people to whom we give those chances. And, it is long since passed the time theatre groups hold people accountable and make them live up to their word when they audition for a show.