image002.jpgAn important factor that needs to be considered in the development of property is vehicular access to and egress from the proposed site. If the property abuts a North Carolina Department of Transportation street, then one should contact the District Engineer’s Office in Graham (336-570-6833). If the property abuts a City of Burlington street then the Engineering Department should be contacted. Proposed driveways on existing public streets may require the issuance of a permit and/or payment of a fee.

Driveways are generally constructed of asphalt or concrete and may have a taper or radius at the connection point with the public street. (See Engineering Specifications and Standard Details). Sometimes the curb is turned into the driveway edge with a radius. Other times a dropped curb is utilized. In any case, it is required that an inspection be completed prior to pouring concrete or placing asphalt.

Other important considerations regarding driveways involve the location, width, number of lanes and relationship to parking areas. Proposed site plans that are submitted to NCDOT or the City for review should clearly designate all of this information.