Patrol Beats

Consistent with our community policing philosophy, the city of Burlington is divided four patrol beats. This ensures that assigned beat officers will become accustomed to beat neighborhoods and residents which allows them to better serve their community. By being aware of their beat's characteristics and residents, the beat officer can focus on solving problems and concerns within their beat.

There are four different shifts with one additional shift. Each shift has a lieutenant who is charge of two sergeants who split the shift into two platoons. Each sergeant is the leader of a team and responsible for several beats. The officers and their sergeant work the same rotation. Officers assigned to the team are assigned to specific beats. There are two all-beat cars assigned to each team. This allows for the beat officers to have additional staffing if needed. Beat officers can work together on projects and are not solely restricted to their area. All officers are directed to practice good community policing practices and work closely with community leaders, faith-based organizations, and community watch groups.

map of patrol beats

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