Traffic Signs & Markings

Traffic Signs & Markings Division of the Transportation Department 
P: (336) 222-5068

The Traffic Signs and Markings Division of the Transportation Department is located at 234 E. Summit Avenue. Office hours are 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The supervisor is Shannon Brady and can be contacted at (336) 222-6656 or by email at

This Division of Transportation:

  • Installs approximately 28,500 traffic signs on both City and State streets
  • Installs and maintains traffic markings (such as double yellow center lines, edge lines, crosswalks, stop lines, turn arrows, parking stall lines, yellow curbing, etc.) on more than 24 miles of streets
  • Maintains signs and pavement markings at more than 57 public facility parking lots
  • Fabricates and installs all signs for City street names
  • Refurbishes and fabricates an average of 1,200 traffic signs per year
  • Sets up detours of traffic due to emergency situations that require street closures such as storm damage, traffic accidents, etc.
  • Sets out barricades for public events such as fireworks, parades, and festivals