Streets Division
P: (336) 222-5066

The Street Division of the Public Works Department is located at 235 E. Summit Avenue. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The Street Superintendent is Blair Thompson and can be contacted at (336) 222-5066 or by email at


The Street Division maintains City owned streets, right-of-ways, storm drainage system, and sidewalks. This includes repairs, replacement, preventative maintenance, ditches, shoulder repair, driveway culvert installation, mowing, and snow and ice removal.

See a pot hole on a City street? Report it directly with the "Burlington Connected," mobile application, available free in the App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Store. You may also submit a request online at Burlington Connected

Here is a list of North Carolina Department of Transportation maintained streets

Snow Facts for the City of Burlington 

Plows Blocked my Driveway

Residents may want to wait until the City had cleared your road before shoveling your driveway, that way the plows won’t push more snow in front of your already clear driveway.

As we typically only experience a few winter storms a year, the City uses dump trucks affixed with scrapper blades to plow the streets. We have 18 “snow plows” and 2 motor graders available. Snow loads on the front of the plow and it continually comes off, left to right toward the curb line.

Snow plow operators do not place snow in driveways intentionally but it does occur as a result of the plowing operation. The most efficient method to plow snow is to push it to the side of the road. Plowing to the center of the road would leave your driveway open, but it would not provide enough room for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to operate and would still provide a vertical barrier for left-turns into driveways. There is no practical way for the snow plow operator to cut off the windrow of snow when crossing a driveway and any attempt to do so would significantly slow down plowing operations.  Also, the driver cannot stop or raise the plow at each driveway as this would leave a pile of snow in the roadway.

There are approximately 20,000 driveway cuts in the City. If we used all of our plows and spent just 60 seconds per driveway, it would take several days to clean driveways alone. One thing you can do to minimize the problem is to pile snow that has been shoveled from the driveway on the left side of the driveway. Then if the snowplow hits the pile, it will be moved onto the grass or sidewalk, not back into your driveway.

Neighborhood Streets:

We wish we had enough snowplows and drivers to take care of every street right away, but our resources are limited and so we must adhere to a carefully laid out system for clearing the streets. We begin by clearing primary thoroughfares and then addressing Secondary or Collector streets. The City maintains over 480 lane miles.

We know that some of our residents don’t have the option to stay off the roads during snow events; if we allowed our plows to be diverted each time a special request was made, it would take far longer to get all the streets in the city cleared. To keep our snow removal operations as effective and efficient as possible, plows are not permitted to deviate from their assigned routes. Any life-treating situations will be addressed appropriate by emergency services personnel.


Cul-de-sacs present plowing problems ranging from difficult to impossible. A plow can easily cut an 11-foot path through the snow on a straight road surface, but trying to plow and turn the blade in a small circle in a cul-de-sac creates inefficient operations. There are about 350 cul-de-sacs in the City, and removing snow from these lower-volume areas in the beginning of a snow event would prevent us from clearing higher-volume streets for motorists that must travel them.