Burlington Recycles

Burlington RecyclesThe City of Burlington realizes the importance of conservation and sustainability. Recycling plays a key role in sustainability practices and the City is working hard to increase its internal recycling efforts in addition to promoting recycling throughout the community.

E-Waste Landfill Ban:

The Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management Law, otherwise known as the E-Waste Ban takes effect July 1, 2011. This ban regulates the disposal of electronic equipment. This ban will no longer allow landfill disposal of electronics and computers.

These items can no longer be placed in your regular trash and must be taken to a proper electronic recycling site:

Home Electronics
Personal Computers
Personal Electronics
Other Electronics
Electronic Games
Telephone Systems
Desktop Computers
Mobile Phones
Uninteruptible Power Supplies
MP3 Players
Printed Circuit Boards
Tape Players
Laptops / Docking Stations
Automated Typewriters
Portable Calculators
Power and Network Cables
Fax Machines
Copy Machines
  Network Hubs
DVD and CD Players
CD-ROM Drivers
Hard Drives
  Switching Boxes
Rechargeable Batteries

Electronic recycling providers are listed as a convenience to our citizens and are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by the City of Burlington. Fees, if indicated, are based on information provided to us and may not be current, always check with the provider regarding fees at the time the service is used.
  • *Goodwill Industries located at 2129 N. Church St.
  • *Goodwill Industries located at 2320 Maple Ave.
  • *A&D Environmental located at 3149 Lear Dr. ($0.50 per pound)
  • Best Buy located at 1465 University Dr. (336-584-0297). Best Buy will recycle TVs 32 inches or less, as well as computers and assorted electronics.
  • Alamance County Landfill Convenience Center located at 2701 Austin Quarter Road in Graham ($38.00 per ton).
  • OE Enterprises located at 717 North Park Ave ($5.00 charge for TVs and Computer Monitors) 506-2532.

*Will NOT accept TVs for recycling.

New Recycling Receptacles:
The City has found a way to provide additional recycling receptacles in many city facilities by transforming trashcans. These trashcans were wrapped with decorative sleeves designed by area elementary students to indicate their new use as recycling receptacles. The addition of these decorative new cans provide new opportunities for recycling in city facilities and bring awareness to the importance of recycling.

Check out the new Recycling Can wraps!


mayor and artists
The first 10 prototypes of the new, grant funded, recycling cans were revealed at Springwood Park on July 7, 2011 while the student artists, whose work is displayed on the cans, and their parents gathered.
Mayor Ronnie K. Wall posed with the artists.

See more pictures on the City's Facebook Page.

The next installment of Recycling Can wraps is ready to go. Check out the new designs!


Waste Reduction Practices:

Do you really need a phone book? If not, did you know that you can opt-out of receiving them? www.yellowpagesoptout.com is a one-stop clearing house for anyone wishing to stop receiving telephone directories. This is an official website of the Yellow Pages Association of Directory Publishers and is a product of negotiations between YPA, ADP, the Product Stewardship Institute, and a number of government agencies across the country, including North Carolina. To date, the service has has 72,000 users opting our of 345,455 directories.

Tired of Junk Mail filling up your mailbox? You can easily opt-out of multitudes of junk mail by visiting this free web service created by Triangle J Council of Governments.

Recycling Convenience Centers:

The Alamance County Landfill provides three satellite recycling locations for your convenience. Visit their website to learn which recyclables are accepted at each site. Or call the Alamance County Landfill at 376-8902 for additional information.

BottlesInternal Recycling Efforts:
The City "Green Committee" was formed in an effort to promote and increase internal recycling. The committee is comprised of representatives from multiple city departments. These members serve as ambassadors for recycling within their departments. The Green Committee encourages all city staff to do their part, be an example to others, and RECYCLE!


Have additional questions about what the City's sustainability practices?
Contact our Sustainability Division:
Eric Hilton
(336) 229-3172
P.O. Box 1358
234 E. Summit Ave.
Burlington, NC 27215

Residential Recycling:

Residential Recycling information can be found here.