Residential & Small Businesses

Single family, some multifamily and small business units are provided with one 95-gallon roll-out solid waste container. These containers have wheels and are designed to be easily rolled to the curb. Business complexes with more than 4 units are not eligible.

The BLACK roll-out container is for household garbage such as kitchen scraps and small items. It is not to be used for disposal of recyclables, yard waste, liquids, dirt, masonry, rock, metal, wood, building materials, ashes, contractor waste, fluorescent light tubes, electronic waste or hazardous wastes. 

  • Each household receives a solid waste collection once a week. (Your location determines the day)
  • There is no collection on Wednesday. 
  • Your collection day may be altered to accommodate certain holidays. (Please refer to the holiday garbage collection schedule.
  • The BLACK roll-out container should be placed at the curb by 7:00 am and removed by 7:00pm on your collection day. 

  • When placing the roll-out container to the curb, please make sure it is: 
  • At least five (5) feet away from other objects and containers. 
  • Placed away from mailboxes. 
  • Facing the correct direction.
  • Not blocked by vehicles. 
  • Not placed under low hanging wires or limbs. 
  • Placed at the curb with the arrows on the lid pointing towards the street. 
  • This practice allows the arms on the automated truck to grasp the container properly.

Rear Packer Service

There are some areas in the City where automated containers are not feasible due to congestion, narrow or one-way streets, such as in the Central Business District. In these instances, "rear packer trucks" are used. These trucks have a driver and a sanitation worker who rides at the rear of the truck and collects refuse which has been placed at the curb in approved containers. 

Because harmful items such as needles, broken glass and sharp metals can penetrate thin composition garbage bags, use of bags as the only source of containerizing garbage is discouraged. To protect the safety of the workers, only clear plastic bags will be collected without being containerized in a permanent type garbage container. Containers should be no larger than 32 gallons and have handles and a lid.