Fire Inspections

Beginning January 1st, 2021, the Burlington Fire Department will begin assessing fees for mandatory fire safety inspections, bringing the City of Burlington in line with all neighboring municipalities. The fees were included in the new Fee Schedule adopted but Burlington City Council in November 2020.

Fire Inspections

The State of North Carolina mandates that local jurisdictions conduct fire safety inspections for commercial properties, educational facilities, houses of worship, and other properties required to have periodic fire safety inspections. This does not include single-family residential properties where there is no commercial activity. Fees for inspections are charged in tiers according to square footage of the occupancy. 


A partnership between the Burlington Fire Department and Georgia-based Fire Recovery USA (FRUSA) allows Fire Inspectors to utilize an automated inspection program. Inspectors use iPads to send billing and inspection reports immediately by email.

Invoices and receipts will be emailed from Fire Recovery USA via the email

For questions about online payments, please call Fire Recovery USA at 1 (888) 640-7222, ext. 112.

Business owners without email addresses will still receive their bills through traditional mail.

fee schedule

Tier 10 - 2,499
Tier 22500 - 4999$119
Tier 35000 - 7499$144
Tier 47500 - 10,000$169
Tier 510,000 - 49,999$219
Tier 650,000 - 99,999$269
Tier 7Greater than 100,000$319

The State of North Carolina mandates local jurisdictions to conduct fire safety inspections which have historically been funded out of the city’s general fund. In November, the Burlington city council adopted a new fee schedule as follows

Contact Information

Please contact 336-229-3577 or 336-229-3133 if you have any questions concerning fire inspections. You may also email one of the fire inspectors by clicking on the inspector's name.