Open Burning

Open burning is not allowed in the City of Burlington. Burning is prohibited based on the COB Code of Ordinances and the fact the City offers services to remove yard waste. (Click here for information on those services) The following are examples of prohibited burning but are not limited to:
  • Burning leaves/yard clippings
  • Burning trees and debris
  • Burning trash
  • Burning construction debris
  • Burn barrels

A burn permit may be issued under certain circumstances. These circumstances are listed in an application for burn permit. Call 229-3560 if you have questions concerning burn permits.


Burning permits obtained online through the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources/NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources is not valid inside the Burlington City Limits.

Please call 229-3500 to report illegal burning in the City of Burlington and remember to always call 911 if it is an emergency.