Post Construction - Construction & As-built

Administrative Manual - Stormwater Management Construction and Final Review Process

The Construction and Inspection Phase is outlined on Stormwater Flow Chart page 3 of 3, titled “ Stormwater Management Construction and Final Review Process.”  Once the Stormwater Permit is issued, construction may begin, provided all other environmental permits have been obtained, or are in the process of being obtained, and all requirements of the City of Burlington Engineering Department have been satisfied.  Contact the Engineering Department at 336-222-5050 regarding the status of other permits.


During construction, the financially responsible party is responsible for inspection of sediment and erosion control measures weekly and after every rain event of at least one-half inch per the Division of Water Quality’s General Stormwater Permit No. NCG010000 issued as part of the City’s Land Disturbing Activity Permit.   City staff may conduct periodic inspections of Stormwater SCMs, however the designer is ultimately responsible to certify that any structural SCMs meet the requirements of the ordinance and Stormwater Permit.


All structural SCMs should be substantially complete and the designer should submit certification and as-built drawings prior to recording of plats and prior to the time a Certificate of Occupancy is needed.  At the discretion of the Stormwater Administrator, a performance security for the completion of structural SMSs or issuance of As-Built drawings may be posted in order for a plat to be recorded or to enable Building Inspections to issue a Certificate of Occupancy.  Forms for As-Built submittals and As-Built Certification's (Wet Detention and Bioretention)are included in this Administrative Manual.

The Stormwater Administrator or his designee will perform a final inspection of each structural SCM.  Prior to the closeout of the Stormwater permit and release of any performance securities related to SCM installation or As-Built drawings, the Stormwater Administrator must receive and approve the As-Built drawings, the site must be in compliance with the City’s Sedimentation and Erosion Control Ordinance, and the project must pass the final stormwater inspection.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the City’s Stormwater Administrator at 336-222-5091.