Post Construction - Permitting

Administrative Manual - Stormwater Management System Permit Process

The Final Design, Construction Drawing Review, and Permitting phase is shown on Stormwater Flow Chart page 2 of 3, titled “Stormwater Management Permit Process.”   At this stage, a completed Permit Application (found in this manual or at the following link), permit review fee (as specified in the Permit Application Package), full construction drawings and any other information required on the “Submittal Checklist” (found in this manual, or at the following link) or deemed necessary by the designer shall be submitted to the Stormwater Manager.   Use of BMP Supplement forms from the NCDEQ Stormwater Design Manual is encouraged.  The person listed as financially responsible for the project shall be the same person denoted financially responsible when applying to the Engineering Department for a Land Disturbing Activity Permit (Sedimentation and Erosion Control).


The completed Operation and Maintenance Agreement that was submitted as part of the TRC submittal must be executed prior to the issuance of the Stormwater Permit.  An escrow account for maintenance of the structural BMPs shall also be established prior to the issuance of the Stormwater Permit.  The design professional shall submit an estimate of construction costs and anticipated maintenance costs for review by the Stormwater Administrator.  The initial funding of the escrow account by the developer shall be a minimum of 15% of the estimated construction costs of the Structural BMPs.  Subsequent funding of the escrow account shall be through deposits by the homeowners’ association.  (The owner/developer may elect to fund more than the minimum.)


Per the Stormwater Ordinance the Stormwater Administrator has 60 calendar days in which to conduct the review once the application is considered complete.  It is anticipated that the review process will take considerably less than the allowed time, but the review time may vary depending on workload, staffing, etc.  The Stormwater Administrator will notify the designer in a timely manner (generally within one week of receipt of the application) of any missing information.  The 60-day review period will not begin until missing information is received.  Once all required information is received, the Stormwater Manager or a designee will review the submittal.  The reviewer may request additional information or plan revision, issue a Notification of Disapproval, or approve the plans (with or without conditions) and issue a Stormwater Permit.


If a Notification of Disapproval is issued, the applicant may resubmit a revised plan within 30 calendar days of disapproval without paying an additional permit review fee.  An additional review fee shall accompany any re-submittal after the first re-submittal.  Within 30 calendar days re-submitted plans will be either approved (with or without conditions) or disapproved.


Requirements for a Performance Security Bond (if required for a project) will be addressed in the approval letter accompanying the Stormwater Permit. 

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the City’s stormwater manager at 336-222-5091.