Planning Department


Burlington, NC 27216


Name Title Email Phone
Nunn, Mike Director of Planning and Transportation 336-222-5113
Olmedo, Conrad Planning Manager 336-513-5416
Lawson, Jamie Principal Planner - Short Range Planning   336-222-5096
Lea, Joey Code/Zoning/Subdivision Administrator 336-222-5085
Shore, Andrew GIS Administrator 336-222-5103
Patterson, Patricia (Trish) GIS Specialist 336-222-5114
Constanza, Daniel GIS Technician 336-222-5125
Marland, Chris Chief Code Enforcement Officer 336-222-5084
Corbett, Brian Code Enforcement Officer 336-222-5086
Fanelli, Mary Case File Specialist 336-222-5116
Cheek, Karl Code Enforcement Officer 336-222-7326
Reynolds, Chris Code Enforcement Officer   336-229-3561
Tolbert, Brad Code Enforcement Officer   336-222-5008
Sims, Leigh Ayn Community Development Technician 336-222-5093
Cottie, Waseemah Office Assistant 336-222-5110